Protect your people if you truly value your business

Written by Mark Roberts – Principal and Consultant, Finance North. 12th February 2018


At Finance North we specialise in protecting businesses and employees against the financial effects of sickness, serious illness, or death. All of which can have a massive effect on a company, it’s employees, and their families.

Nobody’s health is guaranteed, so it’s thinking about what would happen if someone in the business died, were diagnosed with a serious illness such as a heart attack, or cancer, or were off long-term sick – perhaps as a result of a car accident. Most of us drive to work!

It’s not just the financial impact either – the emotional impact on staff, or a family, can be huge.

Owners, partners, and directors have so much invested in their business, and the people they employ, we’d like to work with you to help identify any areas you may be exposed.

The answer might sometimes be as simple as wiping out a debt, an injection of cash, protecting the ownership of the business, or ensuring your employees and their families could survive if the worst were to happen. There are many inexpensive, tax efficient options available.

We also put schemes in place, quite often at no cost, to help a business deal with any number of difficulties it may face – it’s about having the experts on hand.

It might be to manage a bereavement, provide 24hr counselling, legal, financial, or GP support. Supporting the business with absenteeism, or presenteeism. Or indeed to support an employee – it could be a member of their family who’s sick. Any number of factors can impact your business.

Looking after your people is not always about how much you pay them. It’s what else you do that demonstrates how much you truly value your business.

Let us help. It’s what we do.


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