Insurers - Added Value Services

We are proud to work with many of the leading insurance providers in the UK – each of which, offer great added value services as part of the protection polices we have arranged for our clients. We’ve summarised below some of the most popular providers we work with and the added value extras we believe are of most value to our clients.


Smart Health – Giving AIG clients and their families 24/7 unlimited access to health and wellbeing experts at no extra cost – wherever they are in the world

Smart Health connects AIG clients to the tools to manage their health and wellbeing. It offers a suite of services; from on-demand consultations with UK based GPs to Best Doctors – the expert case management service with the world’s top specialists. (A secure, one-time ID check will be put in place when AIG clients use some of the Smart Health services for the first time – when they specifically need to interact with medical professionals as part of their care)

Smart Health is available to all AIG clients and their immediate families (including children up to the age of 21) – it doesn’t matter what type of cover they have with AIG, when they bought it or how they bought it. All six services can be accessed via the website – suitable for smartphones, tablets and desktop. The 24/7 GP can also be accessed via the Smart Health app, and clients can download it from the App Store or via Google Play.

24/7 Virtual GP

Managing our health doesn’t always fit in to the 9-5 – we know. That’s why when AIG clients require a medical appointment, the Smart Health service provides them with unlimited, round the clock access to a GP. Bookable on the app, you’ll get a 30 minute slot at a time that suits you – wherever you are in the world. Whether it’s over the phone or via video call, the team are on hand for medical advice, prescriptions or further specialist referral.

Expert Case Management – Best Doctors

We’re bringing clients and their families closer to our network of 50,000+ medical specialists with the expert case management service from Best Doctors. If AIG client needs a second opinion on a complex case or is struggling to obtain a diagnosis, world-leading experts will be on hand to assess their case and provide recommendations for treatment on a wide variety of conditions.

Mental Health Support

The dedicated team of support staff are available to provide the right support strategy and treatment. They’ll talk to you to get to the bottom of the condition and then recommend the right solution. Whether it’s to help your cope with stress, anxiety, trauma, depression or a recent bereavement, the service is there to help you and your families when they need it most.

Health Check

The Smart Health online questionnaire supports patients who want to take control of their health and take proactive steps to manage their lifestyle. It can even help those who want to discover more about their cardiovascular profile or screening programmes that may suit them. The service produces a personalised report containing tips for improving medical conditions and nutrition, as well as forming healthy habits for the future.

Nutrition Consultation

Our nutrition consultation service can help answer questions either over the phone or online. A team of specialist nutritionists can give advice on weight loss, pregnancy, food intolerances and much more. Their expert advice and knowledge will provide patients with a personalised plan, including meal plans and weekly menus, all to support you to reach their nutritional goals.

Fitness Programme

Smart Health’s tailored online 4 or 8 week programmes, are designed by sports coaches and nutrition experts, an ideal solution to support your health and fitness goals through combining diet and exercise. Whether you are training for an event or simply want to lose weight, you’ll get a weekly menu and a daily exercise routine that is designed just for you.


LV= Doctor Services

Available to personal and business protection clients.

Confidential, expert medical advice

When it comes to your health, we know you want the best and as the UK healthcare system continues to change and our lives get even busier, the need for quality, convenient medical services has never been greater.

We want to add further value to our clients’ policy with us. That’s why all new clients will get access to LV= Doctor Services at no extra cost, giving them fast and convenient access to expert medical services.

We’ve recently added three additional services for clients to benefit from, including Remote Physiotherapy and Remote Psychological Services as well as offering discounted health MOTs. These new services will also be available to clients who can already access LV= Doctors Services.

Remote GP

Speak to a UK doctor to talk through any health or medical concerns by video consultation or over the phone. Clients can book an online appointment up to five times a year.

Prescription Services

Get a private prescription without the need to visit their local GP.

Second Opinion

Check a diagnosis and get advice on treatment options with a UK medical specialist by video or face to face consultation.

Remote Physiotherapy

Get five free sessions with a trained UK physiotherapist and receive a bespoke treatment plan through video consultations.

Remote Psychological Services

Get access to five free sessions of mental health support including counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy from a network of highly trained therapists.

Discount Health MOT’s

Benefit from 25% off health MOTs – a service that provides an assessment of overall health, identifying any health risks and areas of improvement.

Why LV= Doctor Services?

As the UK healthcare system continues to change and our life expectancy continues to be on the increase, LV= Doctor Services puts you in control and helps to keep you healthy for longer.

How to use the LV= Doctor Services –

It’s really easy for you to keep a check on your own health, as well as your children’s (up to age 16) with LV= Doctor Services:

Simple to use – one app, five services downloadable to a smartphone device
Easy access – to a leading network of over 5,000 UK health and medical professionals and specialists
Serious illness or everyday health concern – get expert, confidential medical advice for whatever you are concerned about
Convenient – you can see a doctor or specialist from the comfort of their home, at work, or whilst away on holiday, without the waiting room
• Access to discounted health MOT’s via our LV= Square Health advice line
• Appointments available between 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 9-1pm Saturdays (excluding bank holidays)

LV= Helpline and more

Every client who takes out (covered by) one of our personal and business protection and retirement products and agrees to become a member of Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited (LV=) will be entitled to a range of value-added benefits and support. These include free and unlimited access to our confidential Member Care Line, as well as generous discounts on a number of general insurance products provided by LV= General Insurance Group, a subsidiary company of Allianz Holdings plc.
You will have access to a team of medical professionals, with no limit on how many times you use it.

Health Advice

Key Benefits:

Clients and their family will be able to speak to our team of qualified doctors and nurses, who can offer practical help on anything they’re worried about, including:
• If you’ve been diagnosed with a specific illness or injury, our medical experts can advise you on what to expect. GPs and consultants don’t always have the time to explain everything in detail, so the helpline can be used to explore diagnosed conditions further.
• The team running the helpline can supply supportive literature and provide details of local hospitals and treatment centres.
• You can also use the helpline for expert lifestyle and nutritional advice.

Individual Support Services

Health and medical matters

The services from the Member Care Line provide LV= clients with access to confidential help and advice on many issues relating to general health and wellbeing. This service is provided by a team of qualified nurses, who also have access to doctors where required.

You can discuss health and lifestyle issues, medical symptoms and worries with a sympathetic professional.

The Member Care Line provides help and advice on the following;
• Medical Advice
• Parental or Childcare
• Elderly Care
• Health and Lifestyle advice
• Pre-travel advice

Counselling Service

Paying for counselling can be very expensive and waiting lists on the NHS are often long. But with the LV= Member Care Line, your client will be able to speak to a qualified counsellor whenever they need to for in-the-moment support

Key benefits:
You (and your family) can speak to a qualified counsellor on anything you are worried about, including:
• relationship difficulties, emotional problems, bereavement, family problems and stress or anxiety
• the team can also suggest support groups and organisations which could help you further

Legal Advice

The legal world can often seem daunting and confusing, not to mention expensive if you need to speak to a solicitor. But with the Member Care Line, you can speak to a team of legal advisers and legal executives, without the associated costs.

Key benefits:

The team will be able to advise clients on a range of legal matters.

• All areas of UK law, including Scottish and Irish legislation (which is different to English and Welsh law).
• Our team can offer practical advice on general law, property-related issues, wills and probate, matrimonial conflicts, as well as employment and family legislation. Typically, a family lawyer will only specialise in one or two areas of law, so the helpline can also complement any existing support already in place.
• The average ‘charge-out’ rate for legal advice can be anything from £180-£250ph, but members can speak to a team of legal advisers via the Member Care Line at no cost, and at a time convenient with them.
• Ultimately, everyone will need legal advice at some point in their lives, and members can get it for free with LV=.

Discounts on LV= general insurance

As a member, you will be entitled to discounts on general insurance products provided by LV= General Insurance Group, a subsidiary company of Allianz Holdings plc.

Member Support Fund

Once you’ve been a member for a year, you’ll be able to request financial assistance if you (or a family member) are struggling to make ends meet. Since 2001, we’ve helped hundreds of members by offering a financial helping hand as we understand sometimes people do fall on hard times, through no fault of their own. This could include things like funding for specialist equipment following an accident, or adapting the home following the diagnosis of a serious illness.

Member Care Line – 0800 876 6166

Text Direct 18001 0800 876 6166

Option 1: Counselling or a medical expert

Option 2: Legal advice

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.
* Calls requiring a medical expert can only be taken from 9am – 5pm on weekdays. Any calls outside this time will be given a call back the following day during opening hours.

Option 3: Member support fund
9am-5pm on weekdays.


Legal & General Support Services

We want to help look after our clients wellbeing throughout the life time of their policy, that’s why we’ve partnered with RedArc Assured Limited and their registered nurses to extend our suite of six support services benefit across our intermediary products – this includes Life Insurance, Family and Personal Income Plan, Income Protection Benefit, Relevant Life Plan and Business Life Insurance1.

From the day our clients take out their policy, they can call Legal & General Support Service directly to access assistance. This service is available clients and their immediate family, includes spouse, partner, children living at home.

The suite includes;

Mental health support

Nurse advisers offer long-term support and guidance for mental health conditions. Using their expertise, they are able to identify the most appropriate course of action, and can quickly arrange face-to-face counselling or therapy sessions.

Serious illness, disability or bereavement support

The nurse adviser is there to offer an explanation around treatments, as well as advice on coping during a difficult time. They can also source equipment you might need to make life a little easier

Second Medical Opinion

If our client has concerns about a diagnosis or course of treatment, and wish to get a second medical opinion for peace of mind, a personal nurse adviser can arrange a face-to-face appointment with a UK-based consultant. All recommendations and advice given will be based on treatment available within the UK.

Carer support

It’s important that those individuals caring for a sick or elderly loved one have someone to look after them too. This service provides emotional and practical support specifically for carers.

Help at Home

The days and weeks after being discharged from hospital can be difficult, so extra care and support during the recovery phase is invaluable. A dedicated nurse adviser can provide long-term advice and support over the phone.


This service provides support and advice on how best to keep an elderly relative safe – whether that be living independently or in a residential facility.

Personal nurse advisers at RedArc are highly experienced qualified nurses, each have their own specialist areas of expertise as well as broad general nursing experience. The team has the professional expertise and natural compassion to deliver an innovative service that’s trustworthy, reassuring and highly personalised

The Exeter

Healthwise – for Life Insurance clients

As a member of The Exeter, you and your family have access to the HealthWise app, our member benefits service.

HealthWise is designed to help keep you healthy and happy every day. The app offers quick and convenient medical advice and treatments that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our HealthWise app on your smartphone or tablet. What’s more, it can be used without the need to claim on your policy, so using it will not affect your premiums or any No Claims Discount (if one applies to your policy).

Here’s what HealthWise offers you in addition to your policy:

GP on demand (up to 4 consultations each year)

With demand for GP appointments rising and the number of NHS GPs falling, it comes as little surprise that many people have to wait weeks to be seen. HealthWise takes this wait away, by allowing you to book phone or video consultations via the app with experienced, UK-based GPs without leaving home, or from anywhere in the world.

GP on demand can: Offer clinical advice and guidance. Issue a prescription if required. Recommend further treatment

Second medical opinion (up to 2 consultations each year)

Sometimes we all need a second opinion to help make a difficult decision. You can use HealthWise to access our second opinion service, where a diagnosis can be assessed and analysed by a second expert pair of eyes. It could provide a different treatment option, or just valuable reassurance.

Lifestyle coaching (up to 6 consultations each year)

With HealthWise, you can access lifestyle coaching, which is designed to take a holistic view across a range of areas that can affect your health, wellbeing and happiness. Lifestyle coaching is designed to tackle any problems that exist and deliver long-term and sustainable improvements, for example helping manage medical conditions such as diabetes.

Nutritional advice (up to 6 consultations each year)

With HealthWise you can receive one-to-one consultations with a nutritionist who can help you stay on top of your diet. The consultations aim not just to improve your health and wellbeing but also help you gain an understanding of the main food groups (fat, protein, carbohydrate), vitamins and minerals to help make long-term, sustainable changes to your diet.

Services available: Weekdays 8am-7pm gmt. Saturday 9am-1pm gmt (GP on demand only)Excluding Bank Holidays

How to access HealthWise: HealthWise can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. You will need your policy details in order to activate your HealthWise account.

Healthwise – for Income Protection clients

As a member of The Exeter, you and your family have access to the HealthWise app, our member benefits service.

HealthWise is designed to help keep you healthy and happy every day. The app offers quick and convenient medical advice and treatments that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our HealthWise app on your smartphone or tablet. What’s more, it can be used without the need to claim on your policy, so using it will not affect your premiums or any No Claims Discount (if one applies to your policy).

Here’s what HealthWise offers you in addition to your policy:

GP on demand (up to 4 consultations each year)

With demand for GP appointments rising and the number of NHS GPs falling, it comes as little surprise that many people have to wait weeks to be seen. HealthWise takes this wait away, by allowing you to book phone or video consultations via the app with experienced, UK-based GPs without leaving home, or from anywhere in the world.

GP on demand can: Offer clinical advice and guidance. Issue a prescription if required. Recommend further treatment

Second medical opinion (up to 2 consultations each year)

Sometimes we all need a second opinion to help make a difficult decision. You can use HealthWise to access our second opinion service, where a diagnosis can be assessed and analysed by a second expert pair of eyes. It could provide a different treatment option, or just valuable reassurance.

Physiotherapy (up to 6 consultations each year)

With HealthWise you can also receive diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. With access to a network of physiotherapists, you can get the help you need via video consultation.

Mental health support (up to 6 consultations each year)

HealthWise also gives you access to counsellors who can assess and treat mental health conditions as well as offering emotional and behavioural support. The service is provided by video consultation with therapists via the app.

Services available: Weekdays 8am-7pm gmt. Saturday 9am-1pm gmt (GP on demand only)Excluding Bank Holidays

How to access HealthWise: HealthWise can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. You will need your policy details in order to activate your HealthWise account.


Zurich Support Services

We think anything that’s on our client’s mind is worth talking about. Even if the team can’t help on the call, they can point you in the direction of someone who can.

• Free and confidential health and wellbeing service
• Impartial help and support on a wide range of issues
• An independent service provided by our partner, Workplace Options
• Up to five sessions of professional counselling
• Not just available at claims stage – your client can use this throughout the lifetime of their policy
• Available to your client and their family with no limit on queries or issues

Zurich Support Services is available to our clients, and their family, 24 hours a day 365 days a year and can be used from the moment they take their policy out.

Zurich Support Services aim to help your client achieve a positive work-life balance.

Daily living

• Referrals to specialist organisations and services
• Saves your client time and legwork
• Includes – property search and household help

Family Caring

Childcare support and referrals
• Support on education, sourcing local schools and support on teenager issues
• Tailored searches to identify available childcare vacancies
Elder care support and referrals
• Support on health conditions such as strokes, dementia and Parkinson’s disease
• Information on benefits, community care and in home support aids
• Tailored searches for elder care accommodation and community resources

Career coaching

• One hour session with a qualified coach by telephone appointment
• Area of focus dependent on your client
• Confidence building, proactive problem solving

Debt and money management

• Income and expenditure assessment
• Appropriate and realistic action planning
• Negotiations with creditors to reduce or freeze payments
• Support with IVAs, bankruptcy, default notices or CCJs

Legal information

• Information provided by trained specialists
• Includes – relationship and family matters, problems at work, property, consumer rights

If you needs support on any personal, mental and emotional issues throughout your policy or at claims stage, Zurich Support Services are there to help.

Examples of emotional issues

• Bereavement and loss
• Esteem and confidence
• Depression and anxiety
• Personal stress
• Addiction and dependence
• Relationships and family dynamics

• Access to short-term counselling (up to 5 sessions)
• Provided by fully qualified and experienced counsellors (BACP, UKCP)
• Suitable counsellor will be appointed within 2 working days of initial assessment
• Appointment available within 5 working days of contact with counsellor
• Face-to-face counselling offered
• Referrals for long-term support if needed beyond the 5 sessions

Accessing Zurich Support Services:

Freephone helpline: 0800 326 5061 (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
Workplace Options website:
Live chat (available on Workplace Options website)


Policy Plus

When you take a protection policy with Aegon, you and your family will have access to Policy Plus. It’s included in your policy as standard, and you don’t need to make a claim to use it. Policy Plus offers support services if you’re going through tough times. For health and wellbeing concerns, you can access a confidential helpline for compassionate support and guidance 24/7 – 365 days a year, as well as online self-help tools. If you’ve had a recent medical diagnosis, you’ll be able to have it reviewed by another UK-based specialist. The burden of bereavement can be eased, through an early payment of up to £10,000 towards funeral costs, when probate causes delays. If you’ve got business protection, you can get recruitment support to keep your business running if you, or a key employee, are unable to work.

Health and wellbeing service

Our health and wellbeing service, provided by Health Assured, supports clients and their family by providing access to confidential, compassionate counselling and on-demand web and mobile support tools.

They’ll support clients with a range of issues including bereavement, medical diagnosis, emotional health, relationships, family concerns, finances, debt, legal issues, and consumer rights.

Call Health Assured – Qualified and experienced counsellors are available all day, every day and will tailor the support they provide to suit your client’s individual needs and circumstances – call
0800 028 9095.

Go online – Access the Your healthy advantage website or Health e-Hub mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play for a full range of on-demand self-help tools, webinars, factsheets and health checks, to support their long-term health and wellbeing.

Second medical opinion service

Our second medical opinion service, provided by RedArc, offers a confidential face-to-face consultation with a UK-based specialist to review your medical diagnosis. You have a dedicated nurse adviser allocated. They’ll discuss your medical history, and gather the information needed to confirm if a second medical opinion is right for you.

At the consultation, the specialist will discuss your diagnosis, test results and recommendations. You’ll be able to ask questions and consider any treatments available through the NHS or private care. The consultation will be local to where your live. After the consultation, you and you GP will receive a report that summarises the second medical opinion and any further recommendations.

The dedicated nurse adviser will continue to provide ongoing phone-based support, after the consultation, until you no longer needs it.

Call RedArc on 01244 62 51 80 to find out more and talk to a nurse adviser.

Key person replacement service

Our key person replacement service, provided by Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions, supports business clients, when illness, injury or the loss of a key employee threatens the continuity of their business.

Whether recruiting on a temporary or permanent basis, Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions will tailor the advice and support they provide, to suit the situation and need.

They’ll help to write job specifications, identify where to advertise, engage recruiters and provide CV’s of potential candidates. They’ll also provide guidance and support on all aspects of employment law through their employment helpline.

Call Identify HR & Resourcing Solutions on 01688 32 06 20 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, or email [email protected]

Funeral Payment Pledge

Our funeral payment pledge helps bereaved families to meet the funeral costs of their loved one, when there are delays due to probate.

It’s an advanced payment of up to £10,000 on a valid life protection claim. The benefit payment goes directly to the funeral home or funeral director so the funeral can proceed. To talk to one of our Claims team, or to submit a claim call 03456 00 04 93.


In addition to the great benefits Vitality offer – available through clients’ Member Zone – here are some of the highlighted ones:

1. Vitality extends GP telephone line to all members.

To ensure Vitality members are well informed and accessing the latest clinical advice regarding Coronavirus, we have opened up our telephone GP Advice Line to all Vitality members.
Previously only available to health members, for the first-time life and invest members are now able to use the service.

Whilst in the first instance, members should call the NHS 111 online, where they still have health concerns or additional questions, members can now call the Vitality GP Advice Line service and speak directly to a doctor to discuss symptoms or any questions they may have on the virus.
Clients can find details of the telephone number and how to access this service on the Member Zone (0345 279 8856)

2. Vitality Magazine, Blogs, Apps & the YouTube channels to help with the following:

Social Distancing
Nutrition with frozen produce
Jess Ennis gives tips on home workouts
Mental Health –
How to help the kids understand
Mindfulness Apps
Adults & Kids things

3. The Vitality Programme

Vitality are constantly looking to adapt the Vitality Programme to help clients to stay healthy and active so keep checking emails and the Vitality Member Zone for updates.

Royal London

Helping Hand – Personal

So, what exactly is Helping Hand?

It’s a service that gives clients access to comprehensive support at no extra cost.

It provides customers experiencing a wide range of serious illnesses, injury or bereavement with the support they need to get through the tough times.

Helping Hand is available to clients and their partner and children from the day their plan starts.

A dedicated nurse, provided by our independent partner, RedArc, is at the heart of Helping Hand. And will be you main contact if you need to use the service.

They’ll listen, assess your needs and concerns, and create a personal support plan to make sure you get the help that’s right.

Every case is different so the support will always be tailored. And you will get ongoing help from the dedicated nurse for as long as you need it.

So what does this mean for you?

Helping Hand is something you can use it even if you never make a claim.

Helping Hand – for Business

Losing a key member of staff can have practical and emotional consequences. So, our Helping Hand service supports businesses too.

Clients will have access to this service from the day their Business Menu or Relevant Life Plan starts. It can help in a number of ways, and you won’t need to pay anything extra to use it.

Business clients can get independent support from a recruitment helpline which can help with sourcing temporary cover for a key member of staff. And a legal helpline can help answer questions around employment law.

What’s more, the person covered by the plan, their partner and their children, will have access to a dedicated nurse who can give tailored and personal support for as long as it’s needed.

A recruitment specialist

We work with a recruitment specialist, Cazden, to help keep our client’s business running if a key employee is seriously ill and can’t work. They’ll contact recruitment agencies on your client’s behalf and will provide them with a list of suitable candidates within 48 hours. And if an employee can’t return to work, they’ll help your client to write job specifications and prepare paperwork for recruitment agencies so they can find a permanent replacement.

Independent Legal Advice

Good legal advice can help business cope with the impact of losing a key person. Helping Hand’s legal helpline can give them advice on all aspects of employment law. For example, if their employee is absent for a period of time because they’re seriously ill, they can get help to understand their position. They can also get advice on things like shareholder options, or succession planning in the event of the death of a key member of staff. The person covered by the plan, and their partner and children, can also use the legal helpline to find out about things like wills, or probate.

Scottish Widows

Scottish Widows Care

As well as financial peace of mind, life insurance policies can also offer a range of support services. These services can provide you and your family with practical and emotional support at a time when you might need it most.

At Scottish Widows, we work with RedArc, an independent nurse advice service, to give you, your partner and your children the support and practical help you may need through any difficult and traumatic time in your lives.

By answering your questions or addressing any fears you have, RedArc can help you to cope by giving the emotional support you need to help make a difference to your wellbeing.

Care services are included with our life insurance policies at no added cost. The services can be used by you, your partner and your children from the day the plan starts, and you don’t have to make a claim to use them.

What are the services?

RedArc has a team of Personal Nurse Advisers who are all highly experienced and qualified with a wide range of specialised and general medical knowledge. Their services include support for situations such as:

• Serious illness
• Bereavement
• Trauma
• Disability
• Support on discharge from hospital – helping you recover

The Personal Nurse Adviser can also provide, where appropriate:

• A face to face second medical opinion from UK-based specialists, or
• A course of therapy i.e. counselling, complementary or occupational therapy

A dedicated telephone-based Personal Nurse Adviser will help you with your specific needs and situation. The same Nurse Adviser will remain with you for as long and as often as needed.

How you can use our Care service

If you or someone in your family needs help, advice or support because of a traumatic event, just call our customer support team and explain that you want a referral. Our team will ask a little more about the reason for your call and put you in touch with RedArc.

Our claims team will explain how you or your family can contact RedArc. For a critical illness claim please call us on 0800 056 5589. If someone has died please call 0800 056 5590.


Guardian Anytime

We’re not just here for policyholders when they need to claim. All our policyholders get free additional benefits – anytime.

The following services can be used without the need to claim.

GP 24/7

Never wait for long to speak to a doctor again.

All policyholders and their immediate families can access a GP consultation from a UK-based doctor from their phone, tablet or PC. Available at anytime, day or night and from anywhere in the world.

• Choose phone or video consultation
• Available whether at home or abroad
• No time limit on calls
• No cap on number of calls
• Provides prescriptions and referrals
• Medically validated health information
• Message a doctor
• Services nearby

This service is provided by Medical Solutions UK Ltd

2nd Medical Opinion

Peace of mind when it matters most.

All policyholders can get access to a specialist second medical opinion following diagnosis of a serious illness as well as long-term support from a dedicated nurse adviser. If the policyholder has Children’s Critical Illness Protection, all eligible children are covered too.

• Face-to-face consultation with a UK specialist
• Discuss concerns about diagnosis or treatment options
• Results in writing sent to the patient and their GP
• Nurse advice and support before and after consultation
• Help to understand results, deal with recommendations and come to terms with the outcome

This service is provided by RedArc Assured Ltd

These services are available to policyholders as soon as their policy starts.

Policyholders can activate their MyGuardian account from the link in their Welcome email – or the last reminder email if the link in the Welcome email has expired. If they can’t find the last email, they can give us a call on 0808 123 1821.


Support Plus

Looking after clients and their family

Our clients can relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for them and their families when it really matters. Of course, this means we’ll be on hand with financial support if the worst should happen. But with our policies, you get so much more than that.

We’re proud of the services we offer, helping clients to live more healthily, caring for them through illness and injury and being there to support them and their family in the event of bereavement. For more information on any of the services listed and what’s included with your policy, please read our Support Services Leaflet.


Carer Support by Workplace Options

Carers for children, the elderly or those with a disability can access specialist support through Workplace Options, providing access to a range of resources and services to help with some of the challenges faced.

Get Active Gym Discounts

We’d like to think we can help your customers stay healthy which is why clients can take advantage of great gym discounts.

Physiotherapy with IRPS

Access to online and/or face to face physio services aimed at helping to manage minor conditions and prevent them from getting worse. Depending on the condition they may receive a consultation, an online physio programme, and up to three face-to-face sessions should they need them. This service is available when clients opt for the additional option of Fracture Cover and makes a successful claim on it.


Mental Health Counselling with Workplace Options

Life can be tough sometimes, so it helps to have someone you can talk to. We provide access to face-to-face or telephone-based counselling, their partner and children aged 14 upwards for minor counselling and 8 upwards for family counselling. Parents living in care homes can also benefit too.

Second Opinion by Best Doctors

Gives clients access to Best Doctors’ network of medical experts who can give them answers to any questions they may have. Once your client has contacted Best Doctors, they will collect their medical records and choose the most appropriate medical specialist for their condition. The doctor will then review your clients’ case, providing their expert medical opinion in a report which includes:

• Confirmation of your client’s diagnosis
• Treatment recommendations

Bupa Anytime Healthline

This provides a telephone support service that gives access to a qualified nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your client can use this service to get answers to any questions or concerns they may have about a specific medical condition or to get practical advice on their general health and wellbeing. They can also use the service with regards to their loved ones – for example, if they are worried about their children’s health.


Estate Administration through MyDigiExecutor

Paperwork can be confusing which is why we offer a discounted fixed fee legal and probate service. Providing digital and over the phone assistance when our client needs it the most. Expert guidance can be provided at no extra cost to help to register a death.

Advanced Funeral Payments

Dealing with the loss of a loved can be a stressful time; to make things easier for our client or their family, we can pay the funds from a death claim straight to the funeral director.

Bereavement Guide

We aim to make the practical side of a bereavement process as straightforward as we can. We have a helpful guide designed to lead customers through the practicalities of registering a death and what do next. Highlighting legal services that help make sure everything is dealt with properly and in accordance with the law.

Bereavement Counselling

Aviva life cover isn’t just there to pay a claim, we also provide those left behind with up to 6 face-to-face or telephone counselling sessions from a qualified counsellor.

Canada Life

Individual Protection Support Services

The Canada Life App


• Save up to £1,928* per year with discounts on everyday purchases
• Big savings at the brands you love including Curry’s, Tesco, John Lewis, Starbucks, Argos and more
• Cashback at over 1200 brands paid directly into your digital wallet
• Gym discount’s at over 8,000 locations
• Up to 20% off theme parks and attractions
• Up to 25% off cinema tickets


• We give our members access to an impressive counselling service
• 24/7 access to specialists for support with everyday matters such as finding childcare or eldercare, legal issues and debt management
• Gain access to a network of thousands of counselors

Wellbeing Hub

• Use the risk assessment tools to understand your physical and mental health
• Learn about positive lifestyle changes with personalised recommendations and tips
• 8,000+ wellbeing podcasts, toolkits, and articles

Bereavement Counselling

We offer unlimited access to a 24/7 bereavement helpline and up to four face-to-face, or structured telephone sessions, with a qualified counsellor.

Probate Helpline

Providing access to probate experts covering family disputes, validity of wills, power of attorney and obtaining probate.

Personal Care (for clients with critical illness cover)

A personal assistance programme which provides professional counselling for any issue, either face-to-face or by telephone. You’ll also have access to support on everyday matters such as finding childcare or eldercare, legal issues and debt management.

Personal Nurse Service

Long-term practical and emotional support is provided over the phone with the same qualified nurse, for individuals who make a critical illness or terminal illness claim. If they think there may be alternative treatments available, a Personal Nurse Adviser can help obtain a Second Medical Opinion.

Second Medical Opinion

This service is provided in conjunction with the Personal Nurse Adviser. It provides confirmation of diagnosis and treatment options from within the NHS or private sector in the UK.

We hope this information helps you, our clients understand what additional benefits are available to them throughout the duration of their policy. these value added services improve and change a lot of the time so its always worth checking with your provider direct about the services available to you, or get in touch direct with us at Finance North.


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