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One of Finance North’s aims is to encourage more families to consider their protection needs, and to think about the impact a death, sickness, accident, or serious illness would have on their lives.

As such, under our Protect our Family name, we look to offer additional help and support wherever we can. We also offer incentives to parents, to try and make their lives a little easier.

For example;

One of our providers has an offer of £15,000 free life cover to every parent of an under 4-year-old. So, if there’s two children, it’s £15,000 per child, and if there’s two parents, it’s £15,000 per child, per parent…that’s £60,000 of free cover. We can help you arrange this!

We’ve also run incentives for nurseries, play groups, and even schools – it helps us to get the message out there, and benefits everyone at the same time.

Having no protection in place really can destroy families, and that’s not something anyone wants for their kids, or themselves.

Don’t forget

we can also review your existing arangements. It may be that we can save you money, arrange improved or enhanced cover for the same money, or you may read the following and feel you’d be better protected as a Finance North client…

At Finance North we want to give back as much as we can. We offer a claims service, not only to clients, but to non-clients. Why? – because we know that in life things happen, and if we can offer our help and expertise to someone in difficulty, then surely that’s what it’s all about. It’s not always about money, it’s about helping others.

We offer RedArc to all our Individual Protection and Business Protection clients who make a claim. RedArc provide Personal Nurse Advisors – highly experienced qualified nurses with a wide range of specialised and general medical knowledge, providing practical and emotional support. We will cover the cost - we look after our clients.

We will cover the cost - we look after our clients.

For any family protection policies, we donate £15 to Sands – the Stillbirth and Neonatal Deaths charity.

This is in recognition of the 15 children every day who die either before, during or shortly after birth.

Anyone fortunate enough to have children know how incredibly lucky they are. Others aren’t so lucky and as we operate in the market of protecting families, we wanted to support those families who’ve suffered unimaginable heartache or tragedy. It’s a small gesture, but we always write to our clients to thank them for helping us support Sands, and the amazing work they do.

Finance North now offers a Will, or a review of an existing Will, at no charge to Individual Protection clients

We also guarantee that we will never charge you a fee for our advice or service, and will at all times show you the utmost respect, providing you with a transparent and professional service. We are happy to put all our recommendations in writing, because we stand behind our advice 100%.

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